Due to the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in Europe, the Pomurski sejem has decided to cancel this year's edition of fair MEGRA 2020 and GREEN 2020 

EEN matchmaking event Meet4Business MEGRA 2020 will be organised as individual Skype meetings.

MEGRA 2020, Slovenia, Meet4Business, International matchmaking event - New business opportunities in construction, energetics, municipal services and trade

Thematic Focus:

  • construction
  • energetics
  • municipal services
  • trade
  • GREEN Technologies 
  • other




  • March 23th 2020: Registration and submission of a cooperation profile

Fill out the online matchmaking form and create your business profile. Your online profile will introduce you and your company to potential business partners, explain the products and services that you offer, and describe what you are looking for in future cooperation partners or partnerships.

  • March 24th 2020: Choose interesting profiles and book your b2b meeting

Send meeting requests to potential partners based on your schedule and arrange a mutually convenient meeting based on shared interests. Be prepared to respond to potential partners who are interested in what your company offers.

After confirming the meeting from both interested partners we will email you all necessary contact data for the skype meeting. 

  • from March 25th 2020 on: Skype meetings "Meet4Business MEGRA 2020"

More information: Maribor Development Agency / Enterprise Europe Network, Jolanda Damiš Polanc, tel. +386 41 987 371, email: een@mra.si



Bilateral Talks

  • Participants15
  • Meetings Requested11
  • Meetings Accepted6


Profile views

  • Before Event453
  • After Event3123


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